Staff Contacts

NVTA's staff is responsible for administration, planning, and project delivery. The staff implements the policies of the NVTA Board and manages multiple consultant projects and programming, finances projects, and serves as the liaison with local project sponsors and regional, state and federal agencies.

For more information, please view the NVTA Organizational Chart.


Executive Director:      

    Kate Miller  Executive Director (707) 259-8634


Public Information / Media:      

 Mike BlaskyPublic Information (707) 253-4599



 Herb FredricksenManager of Engineer (707) 259-5951  


Human Resources and Administrative:  


 Karalyn SanderlinHuman Resources Manager, Civil Rights Compliance Officer,              & Board 259-8633


 Kathy Alexander Administrative

(707) 259-8631


 Renee KulickAdministrative

(707) 259-8780


 Antonio OnoratoManager of Finance, Grants, and Administration 259-8779     
 Justin Paniagua Senior Financial/Policy 259-8781



 Danielle Schmitz    Manager of 259-5968
 Alberto EsquedaAssistant Program Planner - Administrator 259-5976
 Diana MeehanAssociate Program 259-8327
 Shaveta Sharma    Transportation Program Manager and Policy 259-8782
 Rebecca SchenckTransportation Program Manager and Policy Analyst 259-8636                                                                         



 Matthew WilcoxManager of Public Transit (707) 259-8635