Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP)


In 2018 Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) staff began the Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP) update. The purpose of the CBTP is to identify Communities of Concern, based on census data and criteria, and conduct specific outreach to those communities to identify transportation gaps and needs.

Eight COCs were identified in Napa County and NVTA staff conducted over 15 public outreach events to gain knowledge about what transportation improvements are important to them. In addition, NVTA formed a CBTP Steering Committee made up of social service and community-based organizations to vet projects and programs and to gain further input on local needs. NVTA collected specific projects and overall programmatic themes that were identified by the community. The Draft CBTP was released for public review at the June 17 Board meeting.  After review and comment by the public, NVTA will bring the final CBTP back to the Board in July for adoption. Comments on the Plan should be submitted to by Friday, July 3.


Click here to download the Final Plan.


What is a CBTP?

The purpose of the CBTP is to improve mobility options and close transportation gaps for low-income and disadvantaged communities in Napa County. To establish the foundation for the plan, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) evaluates census data to identify communities of concerns (COCs).  NVTA staff expanded that effort and identified four additional communities of concern (COC), beyond the four COCs identified by MTC. The primary focus of the Community-Based Transportation planning process is to directly engage with disadvantaged Napa County residents to identify missing transportation needs not currently being met.

Napa Communities of Concern

 Census Tract

 Neighborhood Name


 South Downtown Napa


 Northeast Napa (Vintage)


 Northwest Napa (Linda Vista)


 Westwood Neighborhood


 East Imola


 Unincorporated Yountville


 South St. Helena




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