Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP)

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) is currently conducting outreach for the Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP). The CBTP focuses on disadvantaged communities and communities of concern or areas in Napa County with a concentration of low-income and/or non-English speakers and/or elderly and/or disabled communities.
A variety of outreach events will be organized so that NVTA staff can speak with residents and understand if the currently available programs, services, and infrastructure are meeting their mobility needs. Pamphlets and information on how the NVTA can help community members get to medical appointments, make trips to the grocery store, and can travel for other errands and meetings will be available at these meetings.
If the NVTA findings show that these services are not enough or are not the right kind of services for community members, the NVTA will seek to understand how and what we can do to bridge any gaps community members may experience in traveling to and from events.
Attendees of these outreach events can come and leave as their schedule allows. The public is also welcome to drop in and request materials, and we encourage anyone who identifies as a member of a disadvantaged community to participate in our online survey.

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