Comprehensive Operations Analysis

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) has provided a wide variety of transit services to diverse communities throughout Napa County for the past eighteen years. Over this time period, the system has undergone incremental changes until December of 2012, when the system was completely reconfigured. Route alignment was changed but the way in which service was deployed did not. The service continued to be coverage-based and focused on providing service during traditional commute times and mid-day.

The alignment changes significantly boosted ridership for the Vine, but we live in a dynamic community and from time to time, service parameters need to be altered to keep pace with land use changes, demographic changes, and technological advancements. To address some of these changes, NVTA conducted a transit planning process called a comprehensive operations analysis (COA). A COA reevaluates a transit system, looking towards the future using projections on ridership demand, geographic and demographic changes, and advances in technology.

The research and planning portion of COA contains four major sections:

1) Market Assessment

2) Technical Analysis

3) Needs Assessment

4) Implementation Plan – “Vine Vision”

Using the above documents to better understand the current needs and demands of riders and residents of the Napa Valley, NVTA staff has created a set of new routes and services outlined in the Implementation Plan, Vine Vision I and II. This changed the system largely from a coverage based system to demand based, changing the large loop routes into more direct smaller loops.  Regional service changes took effect in April 2019 and City of Napa fixed route changes took place January 2020.  

Please provide feedback directly on the maps for the fixed route service. 

Fixed Route System Map

Route A: Browns Valley Map 

Route B: Laurel South Napa Map 

Route C: Jefferson and Trancas Map 

Route D: East and North Napa Map 

Route E: Crosstown Connector Map 

Route F: Southwest Napa Map 

Route G: North South Connector Map 

Route H: Southeast Circulator Map