Executive Director's Report


Executive Director's Report - March 17, 2021

Dear Napa Valley Residents:

I hope that this latest edition of the Executive Director report is a helpful update on the latest activities at NVTA.  I welcome you to look at NVTA’s website and Board agendas to keep up on all the agency’s efforts.

  • On behalf of the NVTA staff, we wish to congratulate Chair Alfredo Pedroza who was nominated by the Commissioners of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) to be the next Chair of that body.  This was formalized in a vote at the February 24th Commission meeting.  Chair Pedroza will serve a two year term.  MTC is the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Regional Transportation Planning Agency for the 9 Bay Area Counties. Its governing board or commission is made up of elected members from each of the 9 Bay Area Counties, Big City Mayors, Regional Organizations, Federal, and State agencies.

  • Two members of Napa Valley Transportation Authority – Tax Agency’s (NVTA-TA) Independent Taxpayer Oversight Committee (ITOC) have resigned their positions. ITOC is the committee that advises the board and staff on ways to improve Measure T oversight.  Greg Rodeno, served as a member at large and Leon Brauning served as the member representative of taxpayers’ groups.  I’d like to thank them for their service to the community and the input them provided to ensure the Measure T sales tax program’s success.  NVTA staff are actively recruiting to replace the two members. If you’re interested in serving on the ITOC, please contact Laura Sanderlin at 707-259-8633 or lsanderlin@nvta.ca.gov.

  • The NVTA Board released the draft countywide transportation plan, Advancing Mobility 2045, for public comment.  The plan is a culmination of almost 2 years of work.  The effort evaluates Napa’s changing demographics, travel behaviors, resilience, and other factors that will influence the way we travel over the next 25 years.    The draft plan will be available for public review on March 23rd through April 23rd.   When the plan is released, there will be two public meetings – both virtual.  The first meeting will be a Spanish Facebook Live Event on April 7th from 5-6PM with NVTA Chair Alfredo Pedroza, NVTA, County and City of Napa Staff.  The second session will be an English Q&A session on April 8th from 5:30-630 PM.   Other members of the NVTA board will also participate in these meetings. Members of the public can make comments about the plan directly on the document using an interactive pdf format. The draft document is here: https://www.NVTATransportationPlan.org.                             

I’d like to acknowledge NVTA staff for the immense amount of work and thoughtfulness that went into the plan.  I’d like to specifically acknowledge the project manager, Alberto Esqueda, NVTA Senior Planner, NVTA Director of Planning and Capital Development, Danielle Schmitz and NVTA Director of Finance and Administration Tony Onorato and their teams for their role in bringing the plan to fruition.

  • The NVTA Board received the Overall Work Plan (OWP) for the FYs 2021-2022.  The document is an essential management tool for assuring the agency has sufficient staffing to manage the many projects, plans, and programs it oversees. I invite the public to take a closer look at the OWP to get a better understanding of NVTA’s responsibilities and staff focus over the two year budget period.  The document is item 9.9 on the NVTA March 17, 2021 agenda which can be found here:  https://www.nvta.ca.gov/sites/default/files/NVTA%203%2017%2021%20Agenda%20Packet.pdf.

  • Governor Newsome announced that effective March 15 public transit workers would be deemed essential workers and are now on the priority list to receive vaccines.  NVTA is working with the County of Napa and Providence to schedule appointments. 

  • Vine Transit is now offering free rides for individuals with COVID-19 vaccine appointments.  A number of other Bay Area transit operators are doing the same and this information has been posted in the Riding Together:  Bay Area Healthy Transit Plan.  That plan is an effort of all Bay Area public transit systems to ensure the health and safety of riders and workers.  That plan can be found here: http://www.healthytransitplan.com/.

  • NVTA receives Federal Transit Administration small urbanized area funds annually for Vine operations and capital projects.  Small urbanized area funds come in on a formula based on population.  Small urbanized area operators may also get additional funding through what’s called Small Transit Intensive City program for meeting above par operational performance. The NVTA Vine Transit System performance is general awarded for meeting or exceeding four of the six criteria which has resulted in over $1 million new federal funds annually to support Vine services.  This last year was very difficult but NVTA still was able to hit three of the six criteria – tying with Soltrans  - for the most criteria met out all 7 small urbanized areas in the San Francisco Bay Area.  This resulted in receiving an additional $828,160 this year. 



Kate Miller

NVTA Executive Director