Executive Directors Report

Executive Director Update – in this edition:  NVTA staff comings and goings, Soscol Junction project is moving ahead, Caltrans state highway funds are looking grim, disadvantaged business enterprise goal gets approved by the Fed, and congratulations to Director Dunbar are in order...


NVTA Board and community members:


Comings and Goings
The NVTA Board and Staff bids farewell to our Senior Financial and Policy Analyst, Justin Paniagua. Justin has taken a courageous leap to become a police officer with the City of Napa.  We thank Justin for all of his hard work and congeniality over the last seven years with the agency, and we wish him the best of luck on his new endeavor.


Soscol Junction is Moving Ahead
On October 8, Caltrans and NVTA staff held a joint public meeting on the Soscol Junction draft environmental document, released on September 20th. Comments regarding the document were due October 20th.  The final environmental report is anticipated by January 2020.


The Near Term Projections for State Highway Funds is Grim
Caltrans has reported a grim outlook for the future of the State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP) due to inaccurate funding projections and a cease and desist order imposed by the Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board. The cease and desist order requires Caltrans to clean up the trash on 8800 acres of vulnerable bay regions real estate along the highways. The clean-up has been estimated to cost between $500 million and $1 billion, which would diminish 2022 and 2024 SHOPP for District 4 to approximately $200 million. down from its estimated $1.3 billion estimated total revenue.    


Things are Looking Up for Vine Transit Maintenance Facility Funding 
Good news on the Transportation Infrastructure Finance Infrastructure Act (TIFIA) loan front - with the assistance of our financial advisors PFAL, the draft TIFIA letter of interest was submitted to the Federal Build America Bureau earlier this month. The Letter of interest made it through the Leadership Committee and Credit Review Team with a unanimous vote to send the bundled projects – the Bus Maintenance Facility and Soscol Junction into the project development phase. We expect that this part of the loan process to last 3-4 weeks – after which a term sheet will be developed and a notice of invitation to NVTA for a formal loan will be presented to the Board for approval. We expect a fully funded bus maintenance facility plan to be presented to the Board in early 2020.


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Gets Approved by the Feds
The Federal Transportation Authority (FTA) approved NVTA’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal or the next three years (FFYs 2020-2022) at 2.8%. DBE is a program regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), which requires all state and local transportation agencies who receive DOT/FTA financial assistance greater than $250,000 to establish goals for DBE participation.


Congratulations to Director Dunbar
And finally, I would be remised not to congratulate Director Dunbar for his ascension to the President of the California League of Cities.


Danielle Schmitz
Director of Capital Development and Planning
Standing in for Executive Director Miller