SR 29 – American Canyon

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority, the City of American Canyon, and Caltrans will hold a virtual presentation of the two proposed alternatives for the improvements to State Route (SR) 29 through American Canyon. This presentation is open to the public, and anyone is welcome to attend.

This project aims to improve safety and operations, support transit, and increase multimodal options for pedestrians and cyclists. After evaluation, two alternative solutions were approved to continue to the preliminary approval and environmental document (PA/ED) phase. During the PA/ED phase, further analysis and ultimate selection of an alternative will occur. The two alternatives are a four-lane signal corridor and a four-lane roundabout corridor.

This project update will include a brief presentation by the project team. The presentation will summarize the overall project, discuss the two selected alternatives, and provides an overview of the next steps for the PA/ED Phase. Following the presentation, attendees are invited to ask questions and share comments with NVTA, the City of American Canyon, Caltrans, and project team representatives.

Who:         Representatives from NVTA, the City of American Canyon, and Caltrans
What:        Presentation to the public about the Project Initiation Document
Date:         Wednesday, April 20
Time:         6 – 7:30pm
Location:   Virtual on Zoom: | Passcode: 351060


On October 4, 2021, the Napa Valley Transportation Authority and the City of American Canyon sponsored a public meeting for the SR29 American Canyon Multimodal Improvement Project. To view the public meeting, please go to

Thanks to all who commented on the project! Your feedback makes these public projects better. Public commenting is now closed. You will have another opportunity to comment on this project during the environmental site assessment phase.

Project Social Pinpoint. NVTA thanks you for your continued support with this very important project.

Project Initiation Document (PID): Draft American Canyon Project Report Study-Project Development


NVTA is working with Caltrans and American Canyon on multimodal and operational improvements to SR 29 between Napa Junction and American Canyon Road.  The PID builds off the prior study completed as part of the SR 29 Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan (CMCP), which was released in 2020. 

The project purpose:

  • Improve mobility for all users

  • Improve safety for all users through Vision Zero

  • Eliminate overhead utility poles

  • Improve corridor aesthetics

  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by encouraging transportation mode shift

  • Improve access to businesses along SR 29

  • Improve accessibility for all modes of transportation

The project need:

Regionally, SR 29 provides direct connection between Solano, Napa and Sonoma counties in the North Bay.  Locally, SR 29 is also the lifeblood of access into and out of Napa County. Vehicle volumes on SR 29 are comparable to other nearby state highways SR 12 and SR 37. However, because the SR 29 corridor functions as American Canyon’s “Main Street,” it experience significant safety, aesthetic, and operations issues between Napa Junction and American Canyon Road. Some of the most pronounced issues of the corridor include:

  • Lack of multimodal connectivity – particularly for bicycle and pedestrian access – along and across SR 29

  • Lack of low-stress routing options for bicyclists and pedestrians along SR 29

  • Lack of public transit lanes, facilities and pullouts for stops

  • Lack of aesthetic benefits like landscaping to help define American Canyon’s Main Street

  • Regional traffic congestion which hinders access to American Canyon’s commercial business

  • Constraints at intersections that cause extensive queueing, bottlenecks and delays

Tentative Project Timeline:

PID completion March 2022

Environmental and Engineering Phase – March 2022 – Spring 2023 (funding dependent)

Final Design – Summer 2023 (funding dependent)

Construction 2024 (funding dependent)