CA Road Charge Pilot Program

Initiated by state law (Senate Bill 1077), the road charge pilot program is a comprehensive, four-year effort that includes the study, design, testing, evaluation and reporting of all aspects of a road charge system. The ultimate goal of the road charge pilot program is to assess whether a road charge system is a viable option for replacing the gas tax as a source of revenue to maintain our roadways and bridges in California.


At a minimum, the road charge pilot program will:

  • Analyze alternative means of collecting road usage data, including at least one alternative that does not rely on electronic vehicle location data.
  • Collect a minimum amount of personal information including location tracking information, necessary to implement the road charge program.
  • Ensure that processes for collecting, managing, storing, transmitting, and destroying data are in place to protect the integrity of the data and safeguard the privacy of drivers.

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