Napa Countywide Pedestrian Plan


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The first Napa Countywide Pedestrian Plan (2016) was created to address pedestrian needs and opportunities and to establish a policy framework and implementation plan to enhance pedestrian mobility and safety throughout all Napa County communities.

In October 2014 the NVTA Board approved the contract with Fehr & Peers to assist NVTA with the Countywide Pedestrian Plan.  This plan will identifies and prioritizes pedestrian projects, programs and planning efforts of countywide significance.  The Plan provides the background, direction, and tools needed to improve the active transportation network to encourage pedestrian/walking trips in Napa County and improve safety for all users.  The plan is an important component for the coordination of planning and programming pedestrian projects throughout all Napa County jurisdictions. 

The plan is similar to the countywide bicycle plan, but with specific focus on pedestrians.  Both the Countywide Bicycle Plan and Pedestrian Master Plan combined  comprise a complete active transportation plan for Napa County.

The Statewide Active Transportation Funding Program (ATP) gives priorities to communities with a particular level of plan consistency for their projects and programs.  The Napa Countywide Pedestrian Plan improves NVTA and Napa jurisdictions' ability to compete for such funds. You can see our interactive tool comment results HERE.