Countywide Plan Vision 2040




What is a Countywide Transportation Plan?

A Countywide plan is an elaborate vision of how the county will be like in the year 2040. The Countywide plan focuses on transportation resources in the County of Napa and how it can be improved to match the vision goal in the year 2040.


Why develop a Countywide Transportation Plan?

Developing a Countywide Plan is very useful because:
- It identifies investments that will best serve Napa communities.
- It plans for a multi-modal system.
- It leverages potential revenue sources with existing funding.
- It puts Measure T expenditure plan in context of other potential sources.
- It informs Napa’s contribution to the Regional Transportation Plan.


NVTA is having numerous public meetings. NVTA anticipates the release of the Draft Countywide Plan at the beginning of June. Public input is very important and NVTA wants to hear your comments. CLICK HERE to go to the public input page.

What are the visions and goals for this Countywide Plan?

- Reduce/restrain growth of automobile vehicle miles traveled (VMT).

- Spread the load from peak times to non-peak times.

- Improve the quality and safety of streets and road infrastructure.

- Shift travel from Single Occupancy Vehicles to other modes.

- Reduce overall energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.


Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC):

CLICK HERE to check the Countywide Transportation Plan March 24, for the latest CAC meeting. 


Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP):

The updated CBTP will be part of the broader Vision 2040 effort. Accordingly, the highest-priority projects and programs identified through the CBTP will be included in the investment plan of Vision 2040. The investment plan will be a prioritized list of improvements to address the county’s transportation needs through the year 2040. CLICK HERE to go to CBTP page.


Key accomplishments since the last Countywide Plan          

  • Soscol Flyover EIR
  • Travel demand model upgrades and maintenance
  • SR 37 Study Group
  • Travel Behavior Study
  • SR29 Gateway Corridor Plan
  • Passage of Measure T
  • Complete Streets
  • Expanding Class 1 Multi-Use Network
  • Napa Greenway Feasibility Study
  • Comprehensive Countywide Bike Plan
  • Expanded Safe Routes to School Program
  • Implementing Complete Streets Policy


Accomplishments in Public Transportation

  • Service Redesign – Local Systems
  • New Express Services
  • Rapid Service Design
  • Taxi Program Reform
  • Vine GO Reform
  • Transit Ambassador Program Expansion
  • On-Line Pass Sales/Customer Interface Improvements
  • Shared Vehicle Program
  • Soscol Gateway Transit Center
  • Park and Ride lots
  • Fleet upgrades