Employment Benefits



SALARY - Salaries are based on experience and are reviewed annually.

VACATION - Twelve to twenty-six days of vacation annually based on years of service.

HOLIDAYS - Employees receives eight paid holidays per year.

SICK LEAVE - Twelve days earned per year with unlimited accrual.

PERSONAL LEAVE – Forty-eight hours per calendar year for all employees, non management exempt positions receive additional forty hours per calendar year

MANAGEMENT LEAVE - NVTA provides 80 hours of leave for management level per calendar year (60 hours convertible to cash).

HEALTH INSURANCE - NVTA contributes a significant portion of the premium to employees and their dependents.  The CalPERS medical plans currently being offered include: Kaiser Permanente, PersGOLD PPO, PersPlatinum PPO, Blue Shield Access+, Anthem HMO Select, Anthem HMO Traditional, Western Health Advantage, and Healthnet Smartcare.

DENTAL INSURANCE - The NVTA offers a dental plan with NVTA paying the premium for the employee and their dependents.

VISION - NVTA offers a vision plan with the premium paid by the employee.

LIFE INSURANCE - Equal to one times annual salary (NVTA paid) with option to purchase additional insurance.

DEFERRED COMPENSATION - NVTA offers a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan with a NVTA annual match of up to $1000.

RETIREMENT - NVTA participates in the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) and individual employee participation is mandatory.  The Retirement formula is 2% at 60 for current members of CalPERS from another agency (or reciprocal agency) or 2% @ 62 for new members.

EAP - NVTA offers an Employee Assistance Program.

BILINGUAL PAY - $300/month bilingual pay to qualified employees

EDUCATION REIMBURSEMENT - NVTA will reimburse tuition, membership, and professional affiliation fees to eligible employees.  Please contact Human Resources for details.

PART-TIME EMPLOYEES- Vacation, holidays, personal leave, health benefit premiums, and sick leave are prorated for part-time employees.