Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan

November 4, 2019 - Bike Plan Documents



The Countywide 2019 Bicycle Plan was approved by the NVTA Board!
The Bicycle Plan update is complete and was adopted by the NVTA Board on October 23, 2019!  We have heard from many members of the public via online map tools, outreach events, committee meetings, social media and via email.  NVTA appreciates your participation throughout the process and we are looking forward to working with our jurisdiction partners to implement the planned bicycle facilities throughout Napa County. 
What's next?
  • October-December: Jurisdiction Plan Adoptions
Ways you can continue to participate:
  • Become a member on the NVTA Active Transportation Advisory Committee-There are currently three (3) openings on the committee representings: The Cities of St. Helena and Calistoga, and the City of American Canyon. Contact the City Clerk in these respective jurisdictions for an application or Email Diana Meehan at the address below for more information on how to apply!
  • Attend the next Active Transportation Advisory Committee Special Meeting on November 25, 2019
  • Become an active transportation advocate in your community!  
  • Work with your childs school to help support Safe Routes to School programs to help encourage safer walking and biking to school!
  • Let us know what kind of projects you want to see in your community.

Additional information:

The first Statewide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan,  "Towards an Active California" (Caltrans) was adopted in May of this year, and the first Regional Bicycle Plan (Caltrans District 4-SF Bay Area) was also adopted this year. The statewide plan is a policy-focused document that seeks to triple bicycling in the state by 2020. The District-4 plan focuses on projects within the region that help meet state, regional and local goals for improving the bicycling network, particularly on and adjacent to the state highway system. View the appendices of the plan to see projects in Napa County (projects are listed by county in alphabetical order), located Here . 
For more information about the Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan, or active transportation in Napa County, please contact:
Diana Meehan, NVTA Active Transportation Coordinator
TO:         All Interested Persons and Agencies
FROM:     Napa Valley TransportationAuthority
PROJECT: Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan
 Lead Agency:
 Napa Valley Transportation Authority        
 625 Burnell Street
 Napa, CA 94559
Same as Lead Agency
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration have been prepared for the proposed Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan (“Plan”).  The Napa Valley Transportation Authority is the local lead agency, pursuant to the California Environmental quality Act (CEQA), responsible for preparation of this document.
ALL INTERESTED PERSONS are invited to review the Mitigated Negative Declaration and to submit opinions or evidence for or against the Mitigated Negative Declaration.
Public Hearing:
On or after October 16, 2019, the Napa Valley Transportation Authority will hold a public hearing on this application and will make a decision on the Plan.   Please check the agenda on this website to confirm the date, time and location:

Project Location:

The Plan covers the geographic areas within Napa County, including the cities of Calistoga, St. Helena, Napa and American Canyon; the Town of Yountville; and unincorporated areas.

Project Description:

The proposed Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan (NCBP or “Plan”) is intended to improve the bicycling environment for residents and visitors in Napa County to foster a bicycle-friendly community with bicycling infrastructure that accommodates all ages and abilities.  The Plan Vision is to provide people with safe, convenient, and enjoyable bicycle access to destinations throughout Napa County.  The Plan builds on the bicycle recommendations presented in the 2012 Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan to address changes in bicycle planning and design over the last seven years, and to update the proposed project list.

The Plan includes proposed projects in all jurisdictions in Napa County, including the City of American Canyon, the City of Napa, the Town of Yountville, the City of St. Helena, the City of Calistoga, and unincorporated Napa County.  The Plan incorporates each jurisdiction’s individual bicycle master plan/

Adoption of the proposed Plan does not involve any actual construction of bicycle improvements, but project inclusion in the plan would facilitate the future development of such improvements.  Thus, this Initial Study evaluates the environmental impacts associated with the Plan at a programmatic level, and provides programmatic-level mitigation measures. All future bicycle projects forwarded as implementing actions of the Plan, when proposed for construction, will be compared with the Plan program and programmatic mitigation measures, with the anticipated benefit of more detailed construction drawings and scheduling information.

Summary of Impacts:

The proposed Plan would result in no impacts or less than significant impacts related to agriculture and forest resources, land use and planning, mineral resources, population and housing, public services, and transportation/traffic.  Potential impacts from individual listed projects to aesthetics, air quality, biological resources, cultural resources, geology and soils, hazards and hazardous materials, hydrology and water quality, noise, recreation, and utilities and service systems would require the implementation of mitigation to reduce impacts to less than significant level.  The proposed Plan would not result in any significant impacts that cannot be mitigated to less than significant level.

Pursuant to the authority and criteria contained in the California Environmental Quality Act, the Lead Agency has analyzed the Plan and determined that it will NOT have a significant impact on the environment.   Based on this finding, the Lead Agency has prepared this Mitigated Negative Declaration.

Public Comment Period:

Beginning on August 9, 2019, a minimum period of no less than thirty (30) days will be provided to enable public review of the Plan, the Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration prior to final adoption of the Mitigated Negative Declaration by the Napa Valley Transportation Authority. The review period ends on September 9, 2019 at 5:00 P.M.

The Mitigated Negative Declaration will be available for public review at the Napa Valley Transportation Authority (625 Burnell Street, Napa, CA 94559 ([707] 259-8327). The document is also available on the Napa Valley Transportation Authority website, and the Napa County Library (580 Coombs St., Napa, CA 94559 [707] 253-4241). Please submit comments in writing before 5:00 P.M. on September 9, 2019 to the following address:

Attn: Diana Meehan, Senior Planner
Napa Valley Transportation Authority
625 Burnell Street
Napa, CA 94559