Napa Sanitation District utility/sewer work on Soscol and Burnell Streets June 5th to September 1, 2016. Traffic near the Soscol Gateway Transit Center will be impacted.

Napa Sanitation will be doing utility work starting on or around June 5th, 2017 until September 1st on Soscol Avenue and Burnell Street.  Soscol Ave will go down to one lane in parts and Burnell St. will be closed to buses between 7th and 8th Sts.  Traffic and Buses will be impacted. Outbound buses from the Soscol Gateway Transit Center heading south will exit the Transit Center towards 3rd Street.  Inbound buses heading north will enter on 6th.  Because of the directional changes, buses that usually use the D-Bay will be rerouted to the A-Bay.  The construction and redirecting buses are likely to cause system-wide delays during the period.