Napa Valley Forward Intersection Improvements

NVTA is collaborating with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) on the Napa Forward program that will make improvements at three intersections on SR 29 at Rutherford Road (SR 128) and Oakville Cross Road in the unincorporated areas of Napa County, and at Madison Street in the Town of Yountville.   

The Project team is reviewing improvement options that include roundabouts or traffic signals at the intersections.  Both options would significantly improve safety (for all modes) and operations along the SR 29 corridor.  Benefits the team is evaluating include congestion relief, safety enhancements and multimodal access and benefits to non-auto travel modes.  

SR 29 is the only contiguous north south route that connects Napa to the adjacent counties of Lake and Solano and therefore is a critical evacuation route during fires and other emergencies. 

Equity and Environmental Justice

The project would also improve travel for the adjacent Equity Priority Communities in south St. Helena and the unincorporated area near Yountville. These communities are defined as living below the poverty line, concentrated populations of elderly and disabled, communities of color, and have a high concentration of non-English speakers.

Jobs and Economic Development

The projects will support Napa's wine and hospitality industries that have been badly impacted by the Pandemic.  The projects will also create direct and indirect jobs.   The improvements will connect to the planned Class 1 Path Vine Trail Facility that runs west of SR 29 between St. Helena and Yountville. 


In other news...

Napa County has been awarded $6 Million for intersection improvements along Highway 29. Click here to read the press release.

Roundabouts provide a number of traffic management and safety benefits, including reductions in overall collisions, fatality collisions, and pedestrian collisions.

Intersections vs. Roundabouts


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