NVTA and American Canyon Commit to Transportation Improvements


Napa Gateway Mobility Solution to Leverage Public-Private Partnerships to Improve State Highway 29 and Newell Drive

AMERICAN CANYON, Calif. – The Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) and the City of American Canyon (City) commit to work together to streamline implementation of the “Napa Gateway Mobility Solution”.  This effort is intended to draw new revenues from regional, state, and federal sources and to leverage public-private partnerships for improvements on State Highway 29 and Newell Drive. 

“Strengthening the partnership between NVTA and the City sends a clear message to regional and state leaders about the region-wide significance of these projects,” said NVTA and Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Chair, Alfredo Pedroza.  “The projects are key to improve mobility and public safety by providing multiple gateways through the Napa Valley.”

Long time Mayor and NVTA Board Member Leon Garcia noted that “The benefit to Napa Valley residents and visitors alike cannot be overstated.  Improving the movement of goods, services, and workers is paramount to support the agricultural and tourism industries in our region.  While the City and NVTA are committed to making these critical improvements happen – we cannot do it alone – we need the partnership of MTC and Caltrans to make these projects a reality.”

The proposed plan includes intersection and multi-modal improvements along the highway and extending Newell Drive to South Kelly Road.  Specific projects will include new separated bike and pedestrian pathways on both sides of the highway, distinctive landscaping/placemaking, the undergrounding of utility poles and crossing facilities to improve multi-modal safety at intersections.  The replacement of traffic signals with roundabouts at various locations is being considered along with enhanced transit facilities to improve boarding and alighting riders on the highway corridor. 

NVTA Executive Director Kate Miller stated, “the progress we made aligning the transportation outcomes expressed in the latest Project Initiation Documents makes me very optimistic about the implementation of the plan as it moves forward into the environmental review process.”

American Canyon City Manager, Jason Holley, expressed similar sentiments, stating “this latest indication of our respective local agencies working together is a clarion call that will accelerate the timeline for these improvements.  I’m encouraged by the leadership and commitment displayed by our elected officials and the support of our community coalition & partners.” 

More information about the project can be found at:  www.nvta.ca.gov/SR29AmCan


Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) serves as the Congestion Management Agency (CMA) for Napa County, responsible for programming state and federal funds for local projects. A Joint Powers Authority, NVTA is responsible for the county’s short- and long-term regional transportation planning, working closely with its local, regional, state and federal partners to improve Napa County’s streets, highways, and bicycle and pedestrian facilities. NVTA also manages the Vine Transit bus system, providing local fixed-route service in Napa, door-to-door paratransit and community shuttles, and regional express bus service throughout the North Bay.