Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan

Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan
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The Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan presents a cooperatively-developed 25 year vision for building a complete bicycling system for the community.  It also presents a carefully chosen set of specific goals, objectives and policies to guide the ongoing evolution of that system. The current plan was adopted in 2012 with an update currently in progress. Become a participant in the Plan Update process:
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Napa County, with its varied terrain, beautiful scenery and mild weather is ideal for both practical and recreational cycling.  Cities in the County are relatively flat and compact, characteristics that are optimal for intra-city commute and untilitarian trips.  Inter-city travel on the valley floor via bicycle can be challenging because of the distance between the cities, limited connections, and roads with high speed traffic.  The Napa Valley Vine Trail, a 47 mile shared use path (Class I) currently under construction, will provide a safe, convenient option for bicycling for commuters and all levels of recreational users.  Outside of the cities and valley floor, the County's mountains, valleys and scenery provide a "world class" experience that is physically challenging and attractive for recreational cyclists.
NVTA has adopted a long range strategic goal of having 10 percent of all trips made by bicycle in Napa County.  The Countywide Bicycle Plan is one way NVTA looks to accomplish this goal, in close partnership with the governments, non-profit organizations and citizens of the community.
The Plan is made up of two major elements:
1. A specific set of existing and proposed Class I, II, and III bikeways, presented on a set of maps and linked set of data tables that describe the routes, including their beginning and end points.
2. A set of supportive policies and programs designed to make maximum safe use of existing routes, and to promote turning "proposed" routes into reality.
To read the current bicycle plan or download the report click here
For more information about the Napa Countywide Bicycle Plan or the 2017 Plan Update please contact:
Diana Meehan, NVTA Active Transportation Coordinator