Public Records Request Form

ATTENTION REQUESTOR: To expedite your request for Agency records, please fill out this form completely, and identify specifically the type of records you are requesting. Requests should reasonably describe identifiable records prepared, owned, used, or retained by the Agency. NVTA is not required by law to create a new record or list from an existing record.

Please note that if you are requesting the opportunity to inspect records stored at our office, NVTA must be given time to locate and review documents that are responsive to your request in order to comply with the provisions of the Public Records Act. You will, therefore, be requested to make an appointment to return at a later date to view the documents.

You will be charged with the direct cost of duplication for any documents. Documents will not be copied until payment has been received. Please carefully read below or the next page for information on copying costs and other pertinent information.

Leave blank if none.
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