Request for Proposal Federal Legislative and Regulatory Advocate RFP Number: CEO072101

The County of Napa (County) and the Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) (AGENCIES) are partnering on a Request for Proposals for federal lobbying services. The AGENCIES have historically been proactive in monitoring, taking positions on, and lobbying both state and federal legislation which impacts the County, its operations, businesses, and residents. The County participates in the National Association of Counties as well as regional organizations that have an influence in local, state and federal affairs. NVTA participates in multiple federal and state transportation advocacy organizations.
The winning proposer will engage in the following on behalf of the AGENCIES: keeping County and NVTA abreast of Federal legislation and regulations through analysis and recommendations for advocacy; assisting in the development, proposal and sponsorship of Federal bills/amendments needed to further County’s goals and priorities; working with Federal legislative staff and members to advocate passage of said bills and/or amendments to bills; supporting federal grant applications, appropriations, and funding sought in specific federal authorization bills, coordinating and facilitating meetings with appropriate federal agencies, legislative staff and elected officials to communicate AGENCIES’s interests, concerns, needs, etc.; meeting periodically with AGENCIES boards and staff either in person or via conference call, and providing an exceptional level of customer service in representing AGENCIES interests to all federally elected officials, staff and agencies.
For information: Nelson Cortez
Staff Assistant – BOS
1195 Third Street, Suite 310
Napa, CA 94559