Soscol Junction (Highways 29/121): Bike detour in place as construction work continues

Caltrans has announced a detour for bicyclists traveling near the Highway 29/221 Soscol Junction Interchange just south of the City of Napa. Crews will be installing crash cushions and moveable concrete barriers also known as k-rails along the Highway 29 median and southbound shoulder.

The bicycle lane on Highway 29 will not be accessible while construction is underway.

From Northbound Highway 29 to Northbound Highway 221 Bike Detour:

  • travel on Airport Blvd.;
  • turn right onto Devlin Rd.;
  • turn left on Soscol Ferry Rd.;
  • continue on Napa Valley Corporate Dr.;
  • continue on Napa Valley Corporate Way to Highway 221

Southbound Highway 221/29 Soscol Ferry Roar Bike Detour:

  • take Napa Valley Corporate Way;
  • continue on Napa Valley Corporate Dr. to Soscol Ferry Rd.;
  • turn right onto Devlin Rd.;
  • turn left onto Airport Rd. to Southbound Highway 29

The three-year project will replace the signalized intersection of Highways 12/29, Highways 221, and Soscol Ferry Road with an interchange composed of an overpass and two roundabouts. This will add fluidity to traffic flow, reduce congestion, and enhance bicycle and pedestrian connectivity.

Caltrans crews will landscape the area with local plants, including oaks whose canopies will visually screen the interchange from distant onlookers.

Caltrans will build 1,200 feet of Class I bicycle and pedestrian paths as part of the project. Eventually the bicycle/pedestrian lanes will connect to the Vine Trail, a 47-mile multi-use path that will stretch from Calistoga to the ferry in Vallejo. 

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