Stand Up for Transportation Day to be Held on April 9

The Napa County Transportation and Planning Agency to Highlight Urgent Need to Invest in Napa County's Transportation Infastructure 

Communities Across the Nation Unite to Emphasize Need for Long-term Investment in U.S. Transportation Infrastructure before Expiration of Federal Transportation Bill on May 31


WHO: NCTPA along with several partners standing up for transportation.

WHAT: Stand Up for Transportation Day - With the future of America’s public transportation, roads, bridges and rail systems on the line, transportation and community leaders from across the country will unite on April 9, 2015 to highlight “Stand Up for Transportation Day.”  Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), with support from national and local partners from transportation organizations, business and community oriented interests, Stand Up for Transportation Day will unite the voices of 216 participating organizations (and counting) in more than 140 communities across the country to focus on the urgency of the passage of a long-term, federal transportation bill.

WHY: The current federal transportation funding bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), is set to expire on May 31, 2015. Without a long-term federal transportation funding bill, Napa County and communities across the country will face tremendous uncertainty.  Transportation is the backbone of our local and national economy. A long-term transportation bill is needed for better and expanded transportation options, and to continue to grow our economy.   

WHEN: Thursday, April 9, 2015


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National Day of Advocacy Focuses on Transportation Infrastructure Funding

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) is making plans for a nationwide Stand Up for Transportation Day on Thursday, April 9, and is seeking a broad coalition of partners to participate in these events around the country. 

This is an opportunity to call attention to the importance of infrastructure investment and the need for a long-term surface transportation authorization bill.  MAP-21, which is the federal surface transportation legislation, expires on May 31. 

APTA is encouraging local organizations and advocates who support public transit and highway investment to participate in these events, which are being held while Congress is on recess. So far, more than 90 events have been organized.  The organizations also will be undertaking media and social media activities around the day and the need for more investment.     

"Stand Up for Transportation Day is a single day when all transportation organizations and their coalition partners unite in common purpose with a unified message," said APTA Chair Phillip Washington, who serves as general manager and chief executive officer of Denver’s Regional Transportation District.  "It's time to set aside partisanship and once again act in the best interest of our country to repair, strengthen and build transportation infrastructure.”

To find out more about the day, the communities which are holding events, and how you can participate, go to  For additional details, contact Rose Sheridan at