Travel Behavior Study


In early 2018 Napa Valley Transportation Authority contracted with Fehr & Peers to perform an update on the Napa Travel Behavior Study previously completed in 2014.  The draft study will be released at the October 23 NVTA Board meeting.  This update to the Travel Behavior Study provides refined data using more sophisticated collection methodologies that have resulted in data that is more granular. NVTA staff and jurisdictions can use the data to update the Napa Travel Model, plans, studies, and grant applications. 


The goal of the Travel Behavior Study is to understand travel demand and patterns to refine the Napa Travel Model and inform various planning efforts such as the transit route planning and the Countywide Transportation Plan. The study focuses on gathering Napa Valley transportation modal data related to employment, residents, and visitors. It will further help Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) and all six jurisdictions understand commute patterns, modes of travel and trip purpose. 

Documents on the Travel Behavior Study are available in PDF format for viewing on this page, download, and print at your convenience (see upper right hand corner of page).