Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority (NVTA) adopted the California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (UPCCAA) in April 2012. This allows NVTA to informally bid small construction and maintenance projects with estimated costs of $175,000 or less. Bid information regarding these projects will be placed in the following trade journals/locations approximately ten days prior to bid opening.

Pre-Qualifying of Contractors

The Napa Valley Transportation Authority has elected to be subjected to the Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act (UPCCAA) set forth at California Public Contract Code section 22000. The effective date that NVTA began implementing the bidding procedures of the UPCCAA on April 21, 2012. The UPCCAA allows NVTA to conduct informal bids for public projects up to $175,000 with contractors on the Agency’s maintained contractor list.

Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaires will be accepted at NVTA’s headquarters in the City of Napa to pre-qualify contractors for bidding on construction projects valued up to $175,000 during 2012. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) are encouraged to submit questionnaires.

Contractor Pre-Qualification Questionnaires are available at NVTA, or by phone at (707) 259-8631 at no cost to the contractors. Contractors will be asked to provide information including the types of work performed, bonding capacity, proof of insurance, licenses held and a description of recent construction projects.

Download the questionnaire here.

Please mail completed Contractor Pre-Qualification questionnaires to:

625 Burnell St.
Napa, CA 94559