2021, Washington Park Paving Project, Town of Yountville

Project #: 21507, 21508, 21509, 21510, 21511, 21512
Est. Start Date: 2021
Est. Completion Date: July 20, 2021
Beginning Location: Mount Ave
End Location: End of Street
Section Length: 4,118
Map Cordinates: 38.406452, -122.362300
Description of Improvements:

Light Rehabilitation on the following street segments:

Project No. 21507: Forrester Ln from Mount Ave to the End of the Street,

Project No. 21508: Foxglove Ln from Lande Way to Forrester Ln,

Project No. 21509: Jasmine St from Lande Way to Forrester Ln,

Project No. 21510: Lande Way from 29 Lande Way to Stags View Ln,

Project No. 21511: Mount Ave from Yount St to Jasmine St,

Project No. 21512: Redwood Dr from Lande Way to Forrester Ln.

Total Project Cost




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  • Construction

  • Complete

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