Public Records Request


(California Public Records Act, Govt. Code Sections 6250-6276.48)

Requests must be for records in the possession of, prepared, owned, used or retained by NVTA (Gov. Code Sec. 6252(e)) and requests must be for clearly identifiable records. Copies will not be provided if disclosure is exempt in accordance with state law or would constitute an unreasonable burden on the operation of NVTA.


You will be notified by mail within ten (10) days:

•Whether NVTA requires an extension of time to determine whether it has records responsive to your request.

•Whether NVTA has records responsive to your request.

•Whether NVTA has records responsive to your request but which are exempt from disclosure and the reasons for exemption.

•Whether NVTA has records responsive to your request and the page count and cost of copying the records.

•Based on the page count, the time required to copy the documents requested. Copying of documents responsive to your request will be completed as soon as possible.


If your request is to review documents rather than receive copies, NVTA will make an appointment at the time of presentation of your request for a future date reasonable to allow NVTA time to gather the documents and review them for compliance with the provisions of the Public Records Act.


The charge for copies of any specifically described and identified public records not exempt from disclosure is 50¢ per page for the first five (5) pages for copied documents and 10¢ per page thereafter. NVTA is not required to produce records in an electronic format when the requested records are not available in electronic format at the time of the request.


NVTA will provide an invoice for charges due. These charges are due and payable upon receipt of the invoice. Upon remittance of the invoice amount, the records requested will be copied and sent to the Requester.


For further clarification, please refer to the California Public Records Act (California Gov. Code Sec. 6250 et seq.) and the NVTA’s website at


If you have questions pertaining to the submittal of a Public Records Act request, you may contact the NVTA at (707) 259-8631, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Our Fax number is (707) 259-8638. Our email address is


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